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Green  Amarathus Micro Green Seeds
  • Green  Amarathus Micro Green Seeds
  • Green  Amarathus Micro Green Seeds

Green Amarathus Micro Green Seeds

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This microgreen has gorgeous green leaves to add a vibrant dash of colour to a salad or for use as a garnish. The flavour is sweet and tangy, similar to spinach.


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 Microgreens are not only decorative; they are also delicious to eat, and contain a much-higher concentration of nutrients than their standard-sized counterparts. Amaranth microgreens are a mini version of standard-sized amaranth.

 Like other baby greens, amaranth microgreens are cultivated for their attractive, decorative appearance and delicate, delicious flavor. Amaranth plants can be cooked and steamed like spinach, and the leaves and stems are quite tasty in salads. Amaranth's nutritional value is greater than that of similar greens such as Swiss chard and spinach; in fact, amaranth leaves have three times more niacin and calcium than spinach. It is also high in vitamin C, iron, protein, and carotene.

Planting Amaranth Microgreens

To plant amaranth seeds, place about 1 inch of potting soil on the bottom of the pot or container, and flatten it out (without mashing it) with your hand. Then, sprinkle a thin layer of seeds over the soil, and press them gently in. Cover the seeds with a light layer of top soil, and spray the surface lightly with a plant mister. Instead of misting, you can cover the seeds with a layer of plastic wrap, which you leave on throughout germination.

Mist the soil twice a day lightly until the sprouts appear. If you are using plastic wrap, be sure to remove it after the seeds have sprouted. Once the seeds are up, keep misting the plants twice a day throughout the growing duration.