Pack of 4 - Magic Microbes Bokashi Bran
  • Pack of 4 - Magic Microbes Bokashi Bran

Pack of 4 - Magic Microbes Bokashi Bran

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Magic Microbes Bokashi Bran.. simply the best quality Bokashi Bran!

Buy with confidence and bear in mind " Our Price Promise " when ordering. We aim to be the best value source of "Bokashi bran" online and because you are buying direct from the Makers themselves, you can benefit from assured quality and value for money.


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Magic Microbes Bokashi Bran is the star performer of our Eco Bin Composter. We have named our bran, Magic Microbes (MM). The microbes in this bran create real magic, with just a pile of waste. Our MM can be used in any Indoor Composting Kit but we recommend our Eco Bin, which is made from a special beneficial micro-organism impregnated plastic. 2 packs of MM should last approximately 3 to 4 months, when used in our Eco Bin.

Magic Microbes is a dry mixture of bran and molasses that has been inoculated with beneficial micro-organisms, a carefully controlled mixture of microscopic bacteria, yeasts and fungi that work together to speed-up composting, suppress pathogens, prevent putrefaction and eliminate foul odors.

Using Magic Microbes could not be easier... just sprinkle a layer of MM over the kitchen waste you want to compost. The beneficial micro-organisms in the Bokashi get to work treating your waste in a process that takes just a couple of weeks, after which it breaks down rapidly when it is incorporated into soil or added to a conventional compost heap.

Few more uses of Magic Microbes Bokashi Bran:

Your gardens

The MM can be mixed in with potting or garden soil at a ratio of 1:100. This introduces the efficient microbes and helps with the breakdown of material within the soil, making it available for plant absorption and use.

Compost Piles

Sprinkle MM on and through your compost pile to introduce efficient microorganisms into the process. It should help speed up decomposition, especially around the sides of the pile and where high heat is not concentrated.

Usage of Magic Microbes Bokashi Bran for Eco Bin:

Sprinkle a tablespoon of Magic Microbes on top of the wet waste.
Use each time you add waste.

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