Eco Bin – A leader in end-to-end solid waste management solutions. We can help your home and your surroundings and the landfills free from the burden of managing waste. This is possible with innovative waste management solutions that promote a better environment, improve recycling processes, lower transportation costs, and lessen the impact on our overloaded landfills.

We can also help streamline your waste processing operations and identify cost savings, as well as help generate new revenue sources by taking advantage of lucrative recycling opportunities that are currently under-utilized. We can show you how to lower trash bills, reduce waste hauling requirements, improve compliance of waste processing, and increase productivity with our durable, efficient, quality waste and recycling solutions.

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Our solutions, which are tailor made and targeted for the urban market, include the following:

  • A Range of Waste Segregation Products
  • Eco Bin Indoor Composter - Bokashi and Aerobic Composter
  • Community Composters-Eco Bin Bakasura
  • Consultation and Maintenance

Eco Bin has been helping many people, associations, and organizations, plan, organize, and implement waste management strategies and waste handling solutions. We can service all aspects of waste collection and administration and also can save you money by shifting waste costs to recycling revenues.

With our established waste management equipment, Eco Bin offers the best in community composters, office waste management services, and environmental product innovation in the waste management industry.

Contact Eco Bin for a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your current waste management procedures, equipment, and hauling.

We'll develop a plan that will streamline your current waste handling and hauling operations, lower your costs and waste storage requirements, increase your recycling profits, and provide the custom made waste management solutions.

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Segregation is the Key

A unique "All Season" composter kit. This composter is a one stop solution for all your kitchen waste, green waste, food waste, veg, non-veg, dairy products, citrus fruits, bread or cake, and so on. Eco Bin recycles them into an organic compost ”soil conditioner”.

Eco Bin adapts the most effective method of composting and caters to compost either through the anaerobic (without air) or aerobic (with air).

Adopting Eco Bin ensures to ferment and pickle your food waste or to breakdown and compost in less than half the time of conventional composting methods.

Why Eco Bin?

Many people are seeking to start recycling more actively and urban dwellers should not be left behind in this endeavor. Eco Bin is great for those wanting an attractive countertop composter, which results in dramatically less waste, and provides great nutrient rich compost for gardens and plants. With its simple, sturdy design and easy to adapt composting process, its perfect even for people with no previous composting experience!

How Eco Bin works?

Our Eco Bin is custom made using high quality food grade UV Stabilized LDPE impregnated plastic, making it easy-to-use in your household, apartment, school, restaurant, business, and so on.

Eco Bin composter is a one stop solution for all your kitchen waste, green waste, food waste, veg, non-veg, dairy products, citrus fruits, bread or cake, and so on. Eco Bin recycles all this waste into a nutrient rich organic compost, which also acts as a ”soil conditioner”.

The Eco Bin composter kit comes along with complete user instructions and a pack of Magic Microbes Bokashi bran (for Bokashi) and Coco Magic block (for aerobic). As you feed your kitchen waste into our bin and release the microbes, they get on with their job of accelerating the composting process, while eliminating odors and deterring pests.

Wondering how? Our champion is the microbes present in the Bokashi Bran. The strainer and the drain tap work in tandem by allowing the moisture released by the food waste to be drained out to prevent spoiling the composting process. And this liquid (termed as leachate), can be used fertilizer for your plants (1:100 dilution) or to clean your kitchen and bathroom drains (undiluted).

For Aerobic composting, the microbes are present in the Coco Magic block. Here, you must ensure that the liquid that is drained out from the tap must be poured down the sink. We have eliminated the need to stir, add dry leaves, add remix powder, saw dust, brown matter, and so on.

And as Margaret Mead puts it, we won't have a society if we destroy the environment.

ECO BIN in your hands is ready to weave its magic and revive your garden and the surrounding environment too. A truly cost effective product, worth every penny!

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