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Aerobic Compost Accelerator
  • Aerobic Compost Accelerator
  • Aerobic Compost Accelerator
  • Aerobic Compost Accelerator

Aerobic Compost Accelerator

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Magic Microbes compost accelerator is an environment-friendly biotechnology product, Comprising of selectively isolated microbial strains that can enhance the decomposition process and convert organic wastes into high value organic manure.

Value Cost of Just Rupees 1 per gram !


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Magic Microbes compost accelerator contains naturally derived enzymes and Saprophytic bacteria originally derived from soil which utilize only non-living organic matter as a food source, It is a unique combination of mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria, molds and yeasts, consisting different types of microbial cultures, all of which occur naturally in soil, but in very small numbers.

Why should you opt for Magic Microbes Compost Accelerator? 

  • Odorless process
  • Really fast composting period
  • High quality final compost
  • Improved land application
  • Weed seed destruction
  • Excellent soil conditioner

Usage:- One time activity !

  • 1gms of magic microbes compost accelrator per kg of waste / 1 kg is required for 1TON of Organic Wet Waste.
  • The powder can be mixed with water (quantity sufficient to make your waste pile just moist) before application to the compost pile,
  • If your compost pile is wet, then the powder can be sprinkled too and pile turned.

 How does Magic Microbes compost accelerator control odour ? 

  • Odour emission during composting is due to the release of hydrogen sulphide or ammonia during the degradation process.
  • Sometimes the odour may be due to the metabolic pathway of the degrading organism which is dominating the system at that point of time.
  • An over abundance of anaerobic microbes in the compost pile leads to putrefaction and emission of foul odour from the compost pile
  • Magic Microbes Compost accelerator contains special strains that do not cause putrefaction during the degradation pathway.
  • These beneficial microbes ensure that there is no or minimal production of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, thus eliminating the concerns of strong foul odours emanating from the compost pile.

 Factors for better degradation of waste are aeration:- 

  • Aerobic microbes need oxygen to produce energy, grow quickly and Consume more materials
  • The movement of air throughout the compost pile is affected by spaces between the particles and also the total moisture content
  • Aeration basically replaces the oxygen-deficient air in the centre of the compost pile with fresh air
  • Rapid aerobic decomposition occurs only when there is enough oxygen present
  • A perforated container to carry out composting ensures that aerobic conditions are maintained for the beneficial bacteria to perform optimally
  • Better aeration can be ensured by completely over turning the pile of waste frequently, to replace the oxygen-deficient system with fresh sair

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