Eco Bin Testimonials

“Bokashi method of composting is really catching ....the 2 big advantage of this anaerobic composting is that it can be kept in your Kitchen and its amazing magic brew .” - Vani Murthy


“To be honest I had brushed off assuming it to be another ‘posh’ composting gimmick until I truly paid attention and what I discovered has presumably changed my life (or my garden) Eco Bin.” - Yasmeen Johl Bagla


Avid Blogger, Writer on Waste Management & Environmental issues Savita Hiremath writes her experience using Eco Bin Indoor composter, Have a good read.

“If you want to be a part of this change and want a solution to stop your kitchen waste from going to landfills, give EcoBin—an indoor Bokashi composter kit—a try. It’s neat, compact and packs a punch if you have a garden at home.” - Savita Hiremath

"Out of all the ways I have tried composting, Bokashi Composting has made my composting obsession, easier by 80%." - Uma Hoysala