Our Vision

Eco Bin is dedicated to cater to all your waste management needs. We dream of a world where waste is transformed into utilizable resource, without exploitation of people or the planet. We are working towards breaking the vicious cycle of waste management, which currently involves extraction, production, consumption and dumping or landfilling, resulting in green house gas emissions, ground water pollution and an ever-increasing strain on natural resource.

Our Solutions / Services

We provide end-to-end waste management and composting solutions for housing societies, corporate houses, townships, school and college campuses, and so on. We have been extremely efficient in providing compliant waste management to customers, supporting the achievement of their waste management objectives. Regardless of the size, we are here to help you.

Our solutions, which are tailor made and targeted for the urban market, include the following:

  • Helping in implementing waste segregation
  • Installing the waste management system
  • Designing a customized waste management system
  • Maintaining the system
  • Recycling solutions

Our Values

We are a values-led company with a culture and ethos that is at the heart of everything we do. We give our people responsibility, allowing them to put their ideas into practice and to truly make a difference for our customers.

Take the Next Step

We are confident that with this approach, we would lead our way through the waste and show and teach people, how to manage waste. To speak to someone about your waste management requirements or to fulfill all your waste management strategies, call +91 95913 29911 or email info@myecobin.in.