Eco Bin Jr Composter Kit
  • Eco Bin Jr Composter Kit
  • Eco Bin Jr Composter Kit - Set of 2

Eco Bin Jr Composter Kit - Set of 2

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Eco Bin Junior (10 Litres Each )

We are here to change the perception of what waste is than anything else, with our all new series, called Eco Bin Junior. This is an exact replica of Eco Bin, except that it is much more smaller, compact, and even more quicker.


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Why Junior?

Our Eco Bin Junior is the best yet, with just a change in the size from the last model. After few customer feedback, research, and testing, we feel the junior is here to meet all expectations and set new standards. Compact and hassle free composting for many years.

Bokashi composting allows for a great deal of neglect. Our Eco Bin’s were originally designed for small apartments and as such has an extremely small footprint.

Eco Bin Junior is extremely easy to use and reasonable. I shall also show you how to make your own Bokashi bran at home. If you find the process tedious, then by all means, go ahead and order our Bokashi bran (Magic Microbes). Either way, your garden will love you. If someone has come across a cheaper and easier way than ours let us know!

Eco Bin Junior will surely ensure endless supply of compost which is good for your garden and great for the planet.

EcoBin Junior Set of 2 Complete Kit Inclusion :-

1. EcoBin Indoor Bokashi Composter (10 litres each - 2 nos.)
2. Drain taps (2 nos.)
3. Two packets of Magic Microbes (Bokashi bran)
4. Inner drain tray (2 nos.)
5. A pair of imported latex gloves
6. Presser 1 nos.
7. User Instruction Guide

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