EB AIRO - Set of 2
  • EB AIRO - Set of 2
  • EB AIRO - Set of 2

EB AIRO - Set of 2 - 20L

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EcoBin converts degradable waste into powerful organic manure.

  • Composts Everything! Green Waste, Food Waste, Veg, Non-Veg, Diary, Citrus, Bakery etc.
  • Designed for Urban Environment
  • Fast, Easy, Compact and Convenient
  • No Mixing or Turning
  • Food Grade UV Stabilized LDPE Impregnated Plastic
  • Eco-Friendly and Economical

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We have eliminated the need to stir, add dry leaves, add remix powder, saw dust, brown matter, and so on. With its simple, sturdy design and presence of microbes in the form of Coco Magic, it does the job of converting waste to compost.

A well thought, reasonable, and easy to use composting technique, the Aerobic Composting, using Eco Bin Aerobic. Aerobic composting is decomposition of organic matter using microorganisms that require oxygen.

See this video to know how it is extremely simple to setup & use Eco Bin Aerobic Composter :


Wondering how Eco Bin Aerobic composter is different?

Eco Bin Aerobic composter is a one stop solution for all your kitchen waste, green waste, food waste, veg, non-veg, dairy products, citrus fruits, bread or cake, and so on. Eco Bin recycles all this waste into a nutrient rich organic compost, which also acts as a ”soil conditioner”.

EcoBin Aerobic - One Week Challenge Kit Inclusion :-

  1. EcoBin AIRO Composter (20 litres - 2 nos.) 
  2. Drain taps (2 nos.) 
  3. Coco Magic Blocks of 700gms. 
  4. Inner drain tray (2 nos.) 
  5. A pair of imported latex gloves .
  6. Curing bags.
  7. User Instruction Printed on Composter.

Our Eco Bin Aerobic is custom made using high quality food grade UV Stabilized LDPE impregnated plastic, making it easy-to-use in your household, apartment, school, restaurant, business, and so on. Each Eco Bin Aerobic composter kit comes along with complete user instructions and Coco Magic block. As you feed your kitchen waste into our bin and release the Coco Magic microbes, they get on with their job of accelerating the composting process, while eliminating odors and deterring pests.

Our champion is the microbes present in the Coco Magic block. The composter kit is also accompanied by the strainer and the drain tap. The tap allows the moisture released by the food waste to be drained out to prevent spoiling the composting process. The liquid can be poured down the sink.

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