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Capsicum - Green
  • Capsicum - Green

Capsicum - Green

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Knol Khol is known by many different names, like Navalkol, Ganth Gobi, and so on. But, it is most commonly known as Kohlrabi.There are two main varieties of kholrabi, white and purple. However, internally, both the “white” (actually light green color) as well as the purple types have similar cream-yellow color edible flesh.


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Not only does capsicum add a unique flavour to the dish, it also has many health benefits:

Good for digestive problems: Capsicum has found to have a good effect on gastrointestinal problem like flatulence, stomach upset, diarrhea and even abdominal cramps. Also, it has a beneficial role in healing stomach ulcers.
Low in calories: It helps to stimulate fat burning and can help speed up metabolism and detoxification processes in the body, therefore improves our overall health. Studies showed that intake of capsicum along with working out helps to lose more calories than without its intake .
Potent antioxidant: Being a rich source of vitamin C, it is an effective antioxidant. It helps in maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, skin, organs, and even bones. Regular consumption of capsicum helps prevent scurvy, improves immunity and helps to scavenge the harmful free radicals from our body.
Improves heart health: This is one of the significant health benefits of capsicum. It contains an ingredient, cayenne, (hence the name, cayenne pepper in some countries) which has a vasodilator property (relaxation of blood vessels). This is helpful for patients with artery blockage and with high cholesterol levels. Some doctors even prescribe cayenne powder in case of heart attack .
Beneficial for patients with rheumatism: The vital component of capsicum, cayenne, can also combat problems like arthritis and rheumatism. Cayenne ointment is generally advised by the medical practitioners to get rid of these ailments . Some doctors even suggest combining capsicum with cinchona (another herb) for gout and in advanced stages of rheumatism.
Prevents Diabetes: Cayenne has another beneficial role: it controls diabetes and helps to maintain a steady blood sugar level in our body. In a research done on animals, it has been shown that type I diabetes can be treated by using extracts from capsicum .
Relieves pain: There are quite a handful of topical pain relievers available in the market which are based on capsaicin extracts from cayenne peppers or capsicum . They work by blocking the sensory nerves in the affected area and preventing transmission of pain signals to the brain. In this way, it helps to treat headache, toothache, sinus infections and even nerve pain.