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Eco Bin Bakasura

Eco Bin Bakasura- community composter works on the simple and common concept of aiding and speeding the natural process of composting with microbes.

With access to naturally available oxygen, sunlight, and moisture, along with our army of coco magic microbes, Bakasura manages to march on to gobble all the waste.

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What is community composting?

Community composting is where a central composting point is made available for local residents to use and compost their fruit and vegetable peelings. Schemes like these, being led by communities, not only help the environment but also have great social benefits, creating community bonding by helping bring local residents together with other groups and community driven organizations. It also helps with the building blocks towards zero waste and low carbon communities.

Our Story

The vision for Eco Bin Community composter began when we experienced and recognized the joy of people starting their own journey from composting to growing their own food. As we continued our research to provide large scale solutions, we realized there lies the greater challenge. Handling huge volumes of solid organic waste in communities (household waste, garden and leaf waste, and so on). In addition, the legislative demands placed upon communities to reduce dependency on landfills, divert organics from landfills, and so on.

The only solution lies in learning to manage our waste and to begin with, wet waste was the first challenge. And then, the community composting equipment \"Eco Bin Bakasura\", was developed.

Why Eco Bin Bakasura Community Composter?

Community composting though Eco Bin is a sustainable movement that promotes healthy, conscious communities. Our mission is to equip and empower people to facilitate their own green spaces.

We aren’t just making great compost. We are creating the space for individuals to coexist well and to create something that transcends their individual self. We need you to help us build the first country wide composting program, neighborhood by neighborhood – invest in the movement today!

What does Eco Bin Bakasura Community Composter offer?

Volume – Available in 2 variations.

  • Eco Bin Bakasura – I: The composter can handle a maximum of 35 kgs of wet waste per day, per unit. 

  • Eco Bin Bakasura – II: The composter can handle a maximum of 45 kgs of wet waste per day, per unit. 

Rodent-Proof – The Eco Bin Bakasura is almost 100% rodent proof. It comes with a very tight-fitting lid and sits quite securely on the ground.

Odour containment – No leachates running down & no stench/foul smell.

Affordable – You can\'t beat FREE! The most affordable community composter, with a large volume to match!

Appearance – The appearance of the Eco Bin Bakasura composter is aesthetically pleasing. Its green color allows it to blend into your backyard.

Usability – Easy to add waste & new ingredients- With its large opening in the top, your staff would never have a problem adding ingredients to Eco Bin Bakasura. From kitchen scraps to leaves, from spoilt food to everything degradable, open it, dump it, and close it.

Ease in adding microbes – The ease at which you can just add all the wet waste, spread it evenly and add a layer of Coco Magic, it couldn’t get easier or better.

Durability – Made of sturdy metal, the Eco Bin Bakasura composter is made of sturdy metal, which can remain stable for a minimum of 25 years.

Scalability – One of the great things about the Eco Bin Bakasura composter is that it\'s expandable /scalable. That is, if you need an additional composter (that is, more room for your composting materials), just add one or two more composters to your system. It\'s that easy.



The best solution for urban population, because, Eco Bin Bakasura will meet the needs of your requirement for a system that is;

  • Fast and effective
  • Has a low labour requirement
  • Simple yet sturdy
  • Controls odours and leachates
  • Kills pathogens and viruses

It’s simple and robust design is durable yet affordable and significantly decomposes solid organics in a matter of few days! In order to be a long term successful operation, a compost facility needs to be designed with a holistic approach front to back

So, what is my role?
Every apartment/community will have trained resources who will work on adding the waste to Eco Bin Bakasura and then adding adequate Coco Magic microbes.
You, as an individual, should ensure that you segregate waste at source. Remember to use the colour coded bins for segregation and follow the printed instructions. Isn’t it easy?
The final criteria many of them use to judge a composter is whether or not it calls you to use it. We believe this criteria hinges on the composters location. Is the bin nice enough that it be situated near your living quarters? If so, you\'re much more likely to use it.

As for the ECO BIN Bakasura compost bin, we believe it passes this test with flying colors. Due to its pleasing aesthetics and simple, yet sturdy design, it fits quite nicely near any complex or garden.

And this is what community composting is all about- a beautifully sustainable system that is great for the society and the community and, because it reduces the need for those loud, dangerous BBMP trucks and increases both food production and green space, great for neighborhoods.

Thank you for considering the “ Eco Bin Bakasura “ – Community Composter!

Please feel free to talk to us for more in detail discussion on +91 95913 29911 or write to us on :-