Long White Raddish Overview

Radish, the well known part of your salad, is a root crop, pungent or sweet in taste with a lot of juice. Radishes are available in surprising array of colors, including white, red, purple or black.

Radishes are a fast growing, cool -season crop that can be harvested in as little as twenty days. You can slice them, dice them, or grate them, but, you just cant live without eating em’.

This document focuses on growing Long White Radish.

Table 1 Planting Guide

Depth to plant

1/4'' inches deep

Spacing between seeds

Space plants about 2'' - 3'' apart

Spacing between seedlings

Space rows about 8'' - 10'' apart

Days to germinate (Sprout)

7 - 14 days

Planting season


Plant height

Appx. 12" tall

No. of Plants per sq. ft.

16 plants per sq. ft.

Soil requirement

Prefers soil with pH levels of 6.0 - 7.5.

Long White Raddish Prerequisites

  • Plant Type: Can be grown as an annual plant.
  • Light: Full Sun
  • Water: When it comes to watering radish in container gardens, keep the potting soil constantly moist

Long White Raddish Growing Steps

The following steps define the process from seed to harvest.

1. You must directly sow the heirloom seeds of long white radish from My Green Vault into containers. You can create a mini greenhouse effect by covering the seedling with a PET bottle which is cut at the base.

2. Once the radish seedlings emerge, you can move your container to partial sunlight.

3. Prepare a good growing medium. A good, simple option is a mix of two parts potting soil, one part Coco Peat (CP) and one part Vermi Compost (VC). The soil and VC provides your plant with the nutrients it needs, while the CP mix retains the moisture.

Long White Raddish Plant Maintenance

Radish require evenly moist soil to ensure the best and fast growth. Do not over water or allow the soil to dry out.

1. You can add adequate amount of VC or Compost Tea (CT), based on the requirement.

Note: For more information on CT preparation and application, refer to ***.

2. Make sure your radish receive at least 1“-1 1/2” of water a week.

3. Ensure to retain soil moisture and an even growing temperature.

Long White Raddish Companion Plants

  • Cucumbers, lettuce, nasturtiums, peas, peppers.

Long White Raddish Plant Protection

Long White Raddish Pests

Usually. radishes grow so quickly that pests are not a problem. Sometimes, radishes can be attacked by the following:

  • Aphids
  • Flea beetles
  • Mustard sawfly

Long White Raddish Diseases

Radishes have no serious disease problems.

Long White Raddish Organic Control

Once you have identified the troublemakers, you can control them with an assortment of organic pest-control methods. The following list contains few methods:

a. Aphids

– Spray home made garlic and insecticidal soap solution

Note: For more information on preparation and application of garlic and insecticidal soap spray, refer to ***.

b. Flea beetles

– Monitor the flea beetles with yellow sticky trap

Note: For more information on availability of yellow sticky traps, refer to ***.

c. Mustard sawfly

– Collection and destruction of grubs of saw fly in morning and evening

Long White Raddish Harvesting

Your organic long white radishes are ready for harvest when the roots reach 1 inch across. Do not leave radishes in the ground too long or they will become pithy and develop a sharp taste.

The time from planting to harvest is 20 to 30 days from seed. The crunchy and juicy radishes are your garden’s pride!

Tip: Don't throw those radish greens away. They can be used as salad greens and in soups.