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Waste Water Management: “The pollution load on major water bodies has increased over the years due to industrialization and urbanization. Use of water for irrigation, drinking, power and other purposes compound the challenge.”

TO OVER COME THIS CRISIS Foremost among the many technologies and strategies that have been developed to address this crisis, is EM.1 Effluclean.

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EM applications on waste water are : In sewerage, septic tank and open drainage

EM applications in every case reduce pollutants and sludge : which help in reductions of cost for sludge removal and also prevents from ground water and other water bodies contaminations.

  • EM also helps to reduce E.coli and other pathogens from water : so EM treated waste water can used for irrigations and aqua culture.
  • EM Suppresses foul odour and proliferations of files/mosquitoes : hygiene conditions maintains and also reductions in cost for sanitation.

We can provide technical help and supply of EM.

The benefits of Maple EM Technology for WWM are as follows: 

Industrial Effluent Treatment

  • Reduction of BOD, COD, TSS as per PCB norms.
  • Reduction of Foul odour; no odour in treated effluent.
  • Suppression of Total Coli & E Coli.
  • Neutralization of wastewater.
  • Reduction of chemicals such as alum, lime, chlorine, etc.
  • Reduction in power consumption.
  • Reduction in sludge volume& No further treatment is required for sludge obtained.
  • Enable ETP to bear more organic load; enhance the ETP load capacity
  • Eco friendly; make environment healthy & fresh.
  • Reduce the running cost of ETP.

Sewage Treatment

  • Reduction in sewage effluent parameters as per norms. Make the effluent for disposable/reuse.Remove foul order from effluent completely.Reduce running cost of STP.

Sanitation or House Hold Application

  • For cleaning toilets & floor.
  • For cleaning of kitchen slab & basin.
  • Reduce spreading of germs, flies, and insects.
  • Reduce the sludge in septic tank thus no need to clean it manually.
  • Reduce the foul odour.

Maple EM is being used throughout India in many ETP, hotel/restaurants, food processing industries, Hospitals and Municipal corporations.