EM1 - Hariyali
  • EM1 - Hariyali

EM1 - Hariyali


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EM Hariyali acts as a growth promoter for agricultural, horticultural and floricultural crops. It helps in controlling harmful pathogenic microbes and increases the number of beneficial microbes. It prepares usable compost in 40-45 days’ time. EM Hariyali helps in better utilization and availability of nutrients. It is suitable for composting in masses.


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To understand EM, one must first understand the two dynamic forces existing in nature-‘The Force of Regeneration and The Force of Degeneration’ both of which lies in the grasp of miniscule creatures collectively known as micro-organisms”- Dr. Teruo Higa [Inventor of EM Technology ]

The contaminants and pollutants so despised by the human beings are exactly what Effective Micro- organisms love to consume, which is why EM produces unbelievable results in controlling environmental pollution. The potential of EM to assist in resolving problems of municipal solid waste is mostly attributed to two types of micro-organisms present in it; (1) Zymogenic EMs-the effective micro- organisms which produce anti-oxidants & (2) Synthesizing Microorganisms- facultative anaerobic microbes which can penetrate inside the waste heaps and decompose them under the extreme temperature and pH inside it.

There has been a significant increase in MSW generation in India in the last few decades. This is largely because of rapid population growth and economic development in the country. SWM has become a major environmental issue in India.

METHOD OF PREPARATION of AEM (Activated Effective microorganisms)

Requirement :

  • 1 Litre of Maple EM.1 Hariyali
  • 1 litre Mollases / 1 Kg Jaggery
  • 19 litres chlorine-free water

Mix all the above ingredients in a 20 Ltr Jerry can and mix well and leave to ferment. Add a handful of black salt to hasten the fermentation process. The jerry can should be kept in shade. Open the cap daily for 2-3 seconds to release the gases.
Preparation time: 7-8 days
After 7-8 days a white coloured layer will be seen on the surface of AEM which indicates the activation process is complete and is ready to be used.

The benefits of Maple EM.1 Environ are as follows:
The EM fermented garbage is supplemented with useful microorganisms which makes the compost imminently suitable for agricultural use.
Can work in any condition
Turning requires once after in 20 to 22 days.
C:N ratio is much higher due to presence of microbes
Just spraying on garbage heap is sufficient.-Easy application.
EM is safe for human health.
EM can treat the leachate coming out form the garbage as well.
EM can remove the foul smell form decomposed garbage
Menace of flies and mosquitoes suppress to the minimal by application of this technology.
EM technology is not only environment friendly but goes a step further to actually protect the environment
EM suppresses harmful gases generated form garbage, as per the PCB (Pollution Control Board) norms.
EM is very economical
Provide healthy environment to the workers
All these mean lower cost of operations, easy application and at the same time protection of the environment.